Learning at home during COVID-19

Child-led learning with Seesaw

We are concerned about COVID-19 and the risk it poses to children and families. Therefore, we don’t want to increase physical risk through limitless in-person education and care. It’s important to us that families remain engaged and connected during this uncertain time. By licensing the Seesaw remote learning application we have developed a child-led learning experience that mirrors the classroom environment.

Your child’s learning and development doesn’t stop just because they are is not physically attending. Learning at home is:

  • Integrated with the in-person curriculum and learning framework
  • Intentionally prepared for remote engagement (pre-recorded videos etc.)
  • Child-led: children request content to be made by the educators
  • Skills-based: parents view progress through the built-in skills section (incl. hyperlinks to the work completed).
  • Accessible: use on any platform including mobile phones and tablet computers
  • Economical: activities feature no or low-cost resources i.e. grass, bark etc.
  • Private: content is securely viewed by your class only.

The benefits of our service haven’t stopped because you are not physically attending. Accessing this service safely from home provides your child with:

  • Fun experiences with engaging educators
  • Opportunities for self-expression and socialisation
  • Words of affirmation and confidence
  • Structure and routine
  • Improved mental health; and
  • A sense of connectedness

Access learning at home by enrolling on our website and paying a deposit. The enrolment form can be accessed by the link below. The deposit is $200. You will get it back in full after 1 month of using the service.

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